Community Outreach

Curious about how your city is working to engage it's citizens? Check out these initiatives:
  • Community Connection - A community forum where citizens can come together and discuss things of interest to the community.
  • Community Voice - Citizens and website visitors are encouraged to interact with the City of Pueblo and with each other by suggesting initiatives, posting ideas and participating in conversations around community proposals.
  • Review and Analysis of Objective 1.2.3 - This is a study requested by the City of Pueblo to evaluate our progress against Objective 1.2.3. in the City Plan, Goal 1.2.
  • Review and Analysis 1.2.3 Follow Up and Review Actions - A follow up and review of practices instated following the survey commissioned through the City of Pueblo Housing and Community Development Department and the CSU - Pueblo Mass Communications Department.
  • Stakeholder Engagement in the City of Pueblo - A review of citizen engagement for the City of Pueblo.