Election Days
The City Clerk is the designated election official for the City of Pueblo. General municipal elections are held the first Tuesday of November during odd-numbered years. Special elections are called by ordinance of the City Council and may be held at any time. Special Municipal Elections are often held in conjunction with the Pueblo County General Election, in November for even-numbered years.

As a public servant, the City Clerk is here to assist you and your needs, believing person-to-person contact works best for the statutory regulations and forms required in elections. Please contact the City Clerk's Office at 719-553-2669 regarding additional election information.

Register to Vote
You may register to vote online or register to vote in person at the:
  • City Clerk's Office
    #1 City Hall Place
    Pueblo, CO 81003
  • Pueblo County Courthouse
    215 W. 10th St.
    Second Floor
    Pueblo, CO 81003
The City of Pueblo will have a Special Municipal Franchise Election on May 3, 2015.
This will be Mail Ballot Coordinated Election with Pueblo County.

Balllot question submitted:
 Non-exclusive Franchise Agreement for Xcel Energy to provide natural Gas to citizens of City of Pueblo

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