Public Safety

  1. Animal Control

    Learn about Animal Control in the city.

  2. Code Compliance

    The Pueblo Police Department Code Compliance Unit is dedicated to the clean up of Pueblo. They deal with quality of life issues pertaining to zoning, health, and sanitation ordinances covered in the Pueblo Code of Ordinances.

  3. Fire Department

  4. Health Department

    The Pueblo City-County Health Department is committed to promoting the health and protecting the environment of Pueblo County.

  5. Municipal Court

    The Pueblo Municipal Court is the court created by the Charter for the City of Pueblo. It has exclusive original jurisdiction over all causes of action arising under the charter and the ordinances of the City of Pueblo.

  6. Police Department

    The Pueblo Police Department consists of 269 authorized positions, 207 of which are sworn officer positions and 62 are civilian positions.