Open Records Request (CORA)

Knowing Your Rights
Colorado's Open Records Act section 24-72 -203 states:
  • All public records shall be open for inspection by any person at reasonable times.
  • If the public record requested is not in the custody of the person to whom application is made, such person shall notify the applicant of this fact, their location, and what person then has custody of the record.
  • If the public record requested is in the custody of the person to whom application is made; the custodian shall set a date and hour within three working days at which time the records will be available. The time period may be extended up to seven days if there are extenuating circumstances. (The person requesting the record may agree to a longer /different time period.)

How to Request Records
To request a record, please use the Open Records Request Form. Return the completed form by mail, fax, or email to:
Pueblo City Clerk
Attn: Gina Dutcher
200 S. Main St.
Pueblo, Co 81003
Fx: (719) 553-2697

When the request is received, notification will be sent to the requestor showing the date and time when the record will be available and the costs if applicable as determined by Resolution 12975 (fees to be charged for search, retrieval and copying of public records and criminal justice record).