Holiday Safe Shopping Tips


Crime Prevention


The Pueblo Police Department would like to remind shoppers to maintain vigilance while shopping during the busy holiday season. These few tips can help make your holiday shopping experience much more enjoyable while safeguarding yourself and your property from becoming the victim of a crime: 

  • Park in well-lit areas and try to avoid parking by trees, large dumpsters, trucks/vans, or anything else that limits the visibility of you and your vehicle.
  • Take a moment to scan the area surrounding your vehicle when you park and when you return to your vehicle.
  • Never leave your vehicle unattended while running unless it has an automatic shut off switch when tampered with. 50% of stolen cars are left running while having keys in them.
  • Avoid carrying large purses or large amounts of cash with you.
  • Carry your purse on the front of your body and close to you.
  • If you have a panic button on your key fob know how to use it to create noise if confronted by a suspicious person (s) when entering or exiting your vehicle.
  • Lock your doors immediately after entering your vehicle.
  • Close your windows and never leave pets or children in a vehicle unattended, regardless of the temperature.
  • Never hide spare sets of keys in your car. Thieves know where all the hiding places are.
  • Never leave purses/wallets unattended in vehicles, strollers or shopping carts.
  • If you leave store purchases in your vehicle, lock them in your trunk or keep them in a non-visible area. Criminals do watch for shoppers who place purchases in their vehicles and leave them unattended.

* Again, always be aware of your surroundings. If you see something or someone suspicious in the parking lot or store please notify security, employees of the store, or call police. We hope you have a safe and happy holiday season!