Homeowner Assistance Programs

Helping Area Homeowners
The City of Pueblo is committed to helping low- to moderate-income homeowners receive the financial help they need to maintain or secure adequate housing. For this reason, the city has enacted a variety of programs aimed at this cause. These include the:
  • Home Down Payment Assistance Program (HDAP) - First-time homebuyers - individuals or families who have not owned a home during the 3-year period before the purchase of a home through HDAP - may qualify for the program.
  • Minor Home Repairs Program (MHRP) - The Minor Home Repairs Program is aimed at providing financial assistance in the form of a non-repayable grant to low- and moderate-income homeowners for minor home repairs.
  • Waterline Assistance Program(WAP) - In an effort to help low-income families defer the costs associated with waterline maintenance problems, the City of Pueblo has established the Waterline Assistance Program (WAP).