Bid Results / Project Reports

bid results
Bid Results
The City of Pueblo posts submittal information presented at the bid openings within 24 hours of the bid opening date/time.  These results are preliminary and still subject to review by the Director of Purchasing and Evaluation Committee.

Project Project Name Open Date Status
16-001  West 11th Street Bridge Replacement 10/04/2016 Awarded
16-027A City of Pueblo Airport Industrial Park Roof Replacement Project  10/25/2016  Pending Evaluation
16-031 2016 Selenium Reduction 1 Project 10/20/2016 Awarded
16-035A Design of New 29th Street Stormwater Pump Station  10/27/2016 Awarded
16-038 Professional Auditing Services for Finance Department  08/19/2016  Pending Evaluation
16-043  2017 and 2018 Emergency Sanitary Sewer Point Repair 11/15/2016 Pending Evaluation
16-044  Mechanical Engineering Services for Building Maintenance Department  09/08/2016  Pending Evaluation
16-045 Roofing Consultant for City of Pueblo Building Maintenance Department  10/12/2016  Pending Evaluation
16-047  Maintenance Contract for Switchgear 6900 - Wastewater 09/19/2016 Awarded
16-049 2016 Manhole Lining Project 11/11/2016 Pending Evaluation
16-050  Concrete Cross Pan and Curb and Gutter Replacement Project  10/06/2016  Awarded
16-052 Citi-Lift Paratransit Services - Pueblo Transit 11/04/2016 Pending Evaluation
16-053 Removal of Bike Lane Markings 10/18/2016 Awarded
16-059  New Ford F150 XL SuperCab for Transportation 11/16/2016 Awarded

annual reports
Annual Bid Reports
We feel it's important to make information available to the public. Therefore, we have created reports that show the projects bid each year, the awarded vendors, and the awarded amount.