Skating Academy Classes

Tots Classes (Ages 4-5)
Tots classes are a half-hour long and meet once a week. Basic elements such as sitting down on the ice and standing up, marching in place, gliding, and forward and backward skating are taught. This level is designed to help preschool age children develop preliminary coordination and strength to maneuver on the ice. 

Basic 1 (Ages 6 & Up)
Basic 1 is a half-hour class designed to teach foundational skills to beginner skaters. Classes are focused on getting students to move on their own on the ice surface, gliding, skating backward, and stopping.

Basic 2
To participate in Basic 2, skaters must have passed Basic 1. Basic 2 continues on from the previous level by focusing on gaining and keeping momentum, balanced backward skating progression, use of blade, and balance skills. This class is 30-minutes.

Basic 3-8
Basic 3-8 continues building on foundational skating skills while teaching elements designed to further students in their skating knowledge and ability. Skaters must pass each level to progress on to the next set of skills. Basic 3-8 classes are 45-minutes each that include 10-15 minutes of practice time per lesson. 

Free Skate Classes (Levels 1-6)
Freestyle classes consists of levels 1-6 where skaters move on to advanced figure skating skills including spins, jumps, footwork, and edges. Elements focus on control and balance, as well as proper technique for advanced moves. This is the point where skaters can choose whether to pursue a recreational or competitive approach to the sport of figure skating.

Adult Class (Ages 16 & Up)
The adult curriculum is designed for the beginner adult skater. Classes focus on improving balance and coordination while learning proper skating techniques. Divided into 4 levels, adult skaters will progress at an individual rate while being challenged and motivated. This is an exciting class for people who look to skating as an enjoyable way to pursue a fit and healthy lifestyle.
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