Fire Chief for A Day

Pueblo Fire Department

Fire Chief For A Day
The Chiefs
From left to right: Emma Perkins from Carlile Elementary, Chief Dale Villers (Pueblo Fire), Aidan Filpi from North Mesa Elementary, Chief Bobby Guagliardo (Rural Fire), Izais Aragon from Eva Baca Elementary, Chief Brad Davidson (Pueblo West Fire), and Loganne Mason from Sierra Vista Elementary 
As part of National Fire Prevention month (October) area 3rd Grade students in the Pueblo competed in an essay contest about why they wanted to be Fire Chief for A Day. Two students were selected from city schools, 1 from Pueblo West, and 1 from the St. Charles Mesa.

An assembly was held at North Mesa Elementary where the students were entertained by Ronald McDonald. After the assembly the Fire Chiefs for A Day were treated to a ride in a fire truck and lunch at McDonalds on Highway 50 West.
All Chiefs
Aidan and Truck