Volunteers Assisting Pueblo Police (V.A.P.P.)


Volunteers Assisting Pueblo Police (V.A.P.P.)

The Volunteer Program, Volunteers Assisting Pueblo Police (VAPP), of the Community Services Division is yet another way the Pueblo Police Department is connecting with the community.

The Community Services Division is responsible for the following: identifying interested individuals for the program, conducting thorough background investigations, placing approved volunteers in assignments, maintaining a large list of volunteer assignments, maintaining volunteer schedules, and supervising volunteers.

Some of the current assignments within VAPP include assisting with:

  • Various types of Data Entry
  • Maintaining supplies
  • Field Work (to include Handicap Parking Enforcement, assistance with parades, actors for training scenarios, and helping with community events)
  • Assistance with Neighborhood Watch
  • Assistance with various divisions within the Police Department

Minimum Requirements

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Pass a background check
  • Must volunteer a minimum of 8 hours a month
  • No felony convictions, any crime of a sexual nature, any crime related to assault, any crime related to moral turpitude or any crime related to impersonating a law enforcement officer
  • No Misdemeanor convictions within past 10 years excluding petty traffic offenses
  • No condition of mental illness or chemical dependency
  • Any usage of any illegal drug (i.e. heroin, cocaine, LSD, amphetamines, steroids, other controlled substances) within (5) years prior to date of application will be cause for disqualification
  • Any record of sale, manufacture or distribution of any illegal drug will be cause for disqualification
  • Any usage of Marijuana within two years prior to date of application (aside from medical purpose without high) will be cause for disqualification
  • We are always open to establishing new positions as well. If you have a specialty or trade that would assist the department please apply. If you have any further questions, contact Officer Beauvais at bbeauvais@pueblo.us or 719-553-2484.

The Pueblo Police Department
is NOT currently accepting volunteer applications.
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