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Powering Pueblo is the community conversation about the electric question. It seeks to educate the public about the options available to them and help them understand the role of the Electric Utility Commission and their decision-making process.

To do this, we plan to:

  • Meet people where we are and deliver information to them without searching for the details themselves
  • Simplify the messaging and use visuals to facilitate the quick consumption of information
  • Leverage the Commission members, City staff, regional stakeholders, and other champions to convey the message
  • Provide fact-based messaging to become the trusted source of information on the subject of public power

Phase 1: The Feasibility study

Pueblo’s residents have expressed concern with their service from Black Hills Energy. The City is kick-starting a conversation about electric utility services because we can lead a non-biased conversation about the different options. Should the community decide to localize, the City will play a large role in making the change. Option include re-negotiating agreements with Black Hills Energy to creating a local Public Power utility.

The Energy Utility Commission was established to lead the discussion and make a final recommendation to Pueblo’s City Council. As a first step, the Commission has launched a financial feasibility study. This will look at how much the different options cost and the impacts the options have on rates. The feasibility study will determine the next steps.

We want to hear from you!

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What matters most to you with the energy question? You tell us.
What matters to you most with the energy question? Tell us with our survey