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Patrol Division
The Front Line of Defense
The Patrol Division is the front line in the fight against crime. It is the most visible representation of the Police Department in the community as it consists of uniformed officers in marked police vehicles. Uniformed officers are the 1st to respond to crime problems and emergencies, and their visibility and proactive patrol in the community help in the prevention of crime.

Division Organization
The Patrol Division is divided into four watches to provide for 24-hour service, and personnel are assigned to each watch on an annual basis.

The City of Pueblo has an area of approximately 46 square miles, which is divided into quads. Officers are assigned to quads, and thus handle the majority of the calls for service in their area of responsibility. Beat assignment serves to foster a sense of ownership on the part of the officers and it allows them to become familiar with the specific problems and needs of their beats. It also allows citizens a chance to get to know the officers who work in their neighborhoods.