Records Section

The Records Section of the Pueblo Police Department performs numerous vital functions with regard to the storage, release, and management of law enforcement information.

Personnel assigned to the section have a multitude of responsibilities including:
  • Conducting criminal background checks
  • Disseminating police reports
  • Expunging and/or sealing arrest and conviction records upon notification by the courts
  • Managing police records
  • Providing fingerprints to citizens when requested or when required by the Police Department for various licensing purposes
  • Registering sexual offenders
Police Service representatives also take police traffic accident counter reports, lost property reports, and municipal complaints from citizens, as well as answer the department's phone switchboard. They also assist the records clerks with all walk-in citizens.

Records Division Fee Schedule

Police Reports

$5.00 for the first 15 pages/ .25 each additional page

Background Check



$20.00 per Card

Sex Offender Registration


Arrest Report


Copy of Citation


CO/Photo Disc

$2.50 each

Body Camera Video

$2.50 plus $30.00 per hour research fee

Audio Tape

Determined by Dispatch Manager

Sending Fax Copies

$ 1.25 per page- Long distance fax
     .50 Per page- Local fax

For postage or shipping

Actual cost

Research fee

$20.00 per hour (1st hour paid in advance)

E-mail Reports


Security Guard/Hack License

$5.00 for the card itself

VIN Inspection

$10.00 regular/$20.00 certified

Parade Permit


Victims of the following crimes are entitled to a free copy of their report:


Retaliation against a Witness or Victim

Crimes Against At-Risk Persons

Careless Driving resulting in Death

Indecent Exposure



1st Degree Burglary

Ethnic Intimidation



Tampering with a Witness or Victim

Child Abuse


Violation of a Criminal Protection Order

Domestic Violence

Sex Assault