About Our Future
The construction of a new Pueblo Municipal Justice Center, the police annex, and the purchase and implementation of the new digital trunked radio system were all completed in 2010. After more than 50 years in the old police facility, the move to the new facility was a welcome, but challenging operation. Additionally, the Eastside satellite facility was established in February of 2010.
The Police Department continues to provide the full spectrum of services that the city has historically offered the community, despite economic woes and personnel shortages resulting from injuries, illnesses, and unfilled civilian vacancies.

The Police Department is striving to provide quality services while looking for ways to become more efficient and/or effective in structure and staffing. Consideration has been given to how jobs can be merged to improve productivity in the new Pueblo Justice Center; i.e., the old building had 2 lobbies to serve the public, while the new building has only 1. Police Service Representatives were created to greet citizens and handle most requests for counter services. The position of Police Desk Sergeant was eliminated. Those individuals assigned to that position were redeployed to other areas in the department where they were needed. This is an example of utilizing existing staff in a more productive manner.