Community Voice

Citizens and website visitors are encouraged to interact with the City of Pueblo and with each other by suggesting initiatives, posting ideas and participating in conversations around community proposals.


  1. City Hall & Memorial Hall Renovation

    Provide feedback on both the City and Memorial Hall renovation projects

    Latest Idea: TEST

    City Hall & Memorial Hall Renovation
  2. Historical Preservation Project

    Provide feedback on Pueblo's various historic preservation projects

    Latest Idea: Historic Business District

    Historical Preservation Project
  3. Recreation & Green Space Initiative

    The City of Pueblo wants to support recreation facilities and green space usage within City limits. For this reason, the Planning and Community Services Department has developed a set of park plans to promote this effort.

    Latest Idea: Putting Keep Out Signs underneath Union and Main Street bridges and baricading them similarly to the 4th St. bridge. To stop the homeless

    Recreation & Green Space Initiative
  4. Spice Up Pueblo

    We want to hear from you! Provide us with your ideas to help improve Pueblo!

    Latest Idea: Pueblo Chili Hunt Feedback

    Spice Up Pueblo